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What The Night Whispers To The Day

75min   |   France  |  by Aimée Bouchet   


At the edge of the Arctic, in the first shivers of the polar winter, Rob, an eccentric scientist, leads Sébastien, a young musician, on a quest to hear a forgotten song: that of the Northern Lights. This meeting gives birth to a common dream, to transform this celestial song into music. However, while traversing the peaks inhabited by these ghost dancers, the two men find themselves confronted with human pollution, gradually nibbling away at the last free spaces in the world. Blending the scientific approach with a treasure hunt, Rob introduces Sébastien to the beauty of an endangered world, and questions the importance of safeguarding poetry and dreams in a fairytale between sky and earth.

Original Title | Ce que la nuit murmure au jour

Directed by | Aimée Bouchet 

Cast | Rob Stammes, Sébastien Robert

Screenplay | Aimée Bouchet, Sébastien Robert 

Production Adret Studio 

Cinematography | Vincent Mathieu 

Country | France

Year  | 2023

Genre | Documentary

Film run | 75'

Format  Colour

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