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Through The Wine

Italian  |  by Marcello Di Trocchio 

Through the Wine_POSTER_cornice-min.png

We all drink wine but what do we know about it? Marcello and Francesca, a filmmaker and an oenologist, set off on a road trip around Rome to explore both the biggest industrial wineries and some of the most interesting natural wine producers. Just different ways of making wine or actually different approaches to life?


Embark on a journey through and beyond these differences and get a deeper look at the relationship we have with nature, time and technology.

Original Title | Through the Wine

Directed by | Marcello Di Trocchio

Cast | Francesca Onesti, Andrea Occhipinti, Joy Kull, Riccardo Cotarella, Enrica Cotarella, Marco Carpineti, Paolo Carpineti, Mauro Merz, Antonio Santarelli, Paolo Tiefenthaler, Piero Riccardi, Lorella Reale, Carlo Giudicepietro, Lucia Giudicepietro, Carlo Noro, Valerio Noro, Paolo Perinelli, Alessandro Perinelli, Gino L'Americano

Screenplay | Marcello Di Trocchio, Francesca Onesti
Cinematography | Matteo Rea, Fabio Paolucci, Francesca Zonars

Country | Italy

Year  | 2021

Genre | Documentary

Format  Colour


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