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The Year Of The Egg

90min   |   Italian  |  by Claudio Casale  


Adriano and Gemma are a young couple waiting for the arrival of their first child and have decided they want it to be born far away from a world in which attention to the spirit is eclipsed by work, social ties and the pursuit of profit.
So they have turned to the community of the Egg: a spiritual group that, under the guidance of Guru Rajani, lives in contemplation of fertility and spends its mealtimes, as well as those of meditation and prayer, in common, like a single great family united in the shadow of the Golden Egg that is enthroned in the temple. Gemma finds it easier than Adriano to fit in, but when at last they both feel themselves to be part of the community, an unexpected event transforms that enchanted place of sharing and serenity into the theater of a new solitude. Gemma and Adriano find themselves immersed in an unfamiliar sorrow, so close but too distant to see each other; only then will they receive a gift that may be able to change the way they look at everything and see themselves as partners, as mother and father.

Original Title |  L'anno dell'uovo

Directed by | Claudio Casale

Cast | Yile Vianello, Andrea Palma, Regina Orioli

Production Diero Film, Rai Cinema, Biennale College Cinema

Country | Italy

Year  | 2023

Genre | Drama

Film run | 90'

Format  Colour

Festivals & Awards | 

  • La Biennale di Venezia 2023: Biennale College - Cinema

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