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The White Caravan

69min   |   Italian  |  by Artemide Alfieri, Angelo Cretella

The White Carovan.png

Darkness is everywhere when the sky is moonless. Only the thin beam of a searchlight attempts to cut through the darkness, showing glimpses of stationary caravans and crouching animals. The circus sign is a lone spark of color straining to light up the huge highway on the outskirts of Naples, where four circus families abandoned by the institutions are stuck in the hope thatthe pandemic will soon disappear like in a magic show.

Their lives have been short circuited after four generations of conveying their marquee around the world. The artists of the traveling show begin their metamorphosis, their forced entry into the world of the "rooted," a struggle to reinvent themselves in order to survive. The circus has stopped, perhaps forever.

Original Title | La Carovana Bianca

Directed by | Artemide Alfieri, Angelo Cretella

Cast | Eva Sandra, Ferreira Guncalves, Antonio Formisano, Rossella Formisano, Christel Formisano, Roberto Formisano, Rosa Formisano, Wendy Maria Torralvo Pinbeiro, Verusca Coda Prin, Daniele Bucci, Brenda Bucci, Eros Bucci, Maria Pastore, Paulo Perelli, Michael Perelli, Krystal Perelli

Music | OEOAS, Raia/Fiorito

Country | Italy

Year  | 2021

Genre | Documentary

Film run | 69'

Format  Colour

Festivals & Awards 

  • ​Festival dei Popoli 2021: Out of Competition 

  • Festival Internazionale del Cinema Laceno d'oro 2021

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