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The Performance

70min   |   Italian  |  by Alfredo Chiarappa, Caterina Clerici


Hussein is a self-trained dancer from Iraqi Kurdistan who left everything behind - including his young family - hoping to become a successful choreographer in New York. When the Covid-19 pandemic hits the city, putting its arts scene on indefinite hold, he first seems to turn it into an opportunity, premiering a choreography that receives rave reviews. Soon after though, everything he had built up to that point starts falling apart, including the charming persona he had created for himself. In a hallucinatory crescendo of love, art and lies, he is forced to navigate relationships and friendships in a changing American socio-political landscape, and will do whatever it takes to keep dreaming.

Original Title | The Performance

Directed by | Alfredo Chiarappa, Caterina Clerici

Screenplay | Alfredo Chiarappa, Caterina Clerici

Production | KIinobrigante, Piroetta
Cinematography | Alfredo Chiarappa 

Country | Italy

Year  | 2022

Genre | Documentary

Film run | 70'

Format  Colour

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