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The Nightingales

23min   |   France/Ita  |  by Juliette Saint-Sardos


The Nightingales is the story of a family’s redevelopment. When a French man (HENRI) comes to Rome to see his daughter (ISADORA), he is received by a violent letter from her. The young girl is disturbed by his new relationship with ANAIS. While the father and daughter are playing cat and mouse in the streets, Anais is doing an Italian pilgrimage, to pay tribute to her mother, who died in Rome a long time ago.  Essentially, the question is : how and when do we become a woman, and leave childhood ? 

Original Title | Les Rossignols

Directed by | Juliette Saint-Sardos

Cast | Grégoire Colin, Constance Rousseau, Anna Lou Castoldi, Gisella Burinato

Screenplay |  Juliette Saint-Sardos

Coproduction Composite Films
Cinematography | Inès Tabarin 

Music | Forever Pavot, Emile Sornin

Country | France, Italy

Year  | 2022

Genre | Short 

Film run | 23'

Format  16mm, Colour

Festival & Awards  |  

  • Phlegrean Film Festival 2023: Best Scenography

  • Ferrara Film Festival 2023: Best Director

  • Factory Film Fest 2023: Special Mention

  • I-Fest 2023: Best Actor

  • Lucania Film Festival 2023: Best Film, Best Scenography

  • Cinema Secondo Noi 2023: Best Short Film, Best Actress

  • Adriatic Film Festival 2023: Best Actor, Best Editing

  • Premi Atena Nike 2023: Special Mention

  • Festa do Cinema Italiano 2024: Il Corto

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