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Spotty & Me 

96min   |   Italian  |  by Cosimo Gomez

IO E SPOTTY_Cornice-min-2.png

Matteo, 22, is a motion graphic designer for a production cartoon film company in Bologna. He is introvert, speaks very little, and almost grumpy. In his solitary universe, he gets back from work and gets dressed as a dog and pretends to be Spotty, doing a perfect imitation of an anthropomorphic dog, a role that makes him feel good with himself, unlike when he is just a “human being”. One day Matteo posts a search online for a dog sitter. Eva replies, a 25-year-old off site student, who lives a chaotic life, loses small jobs one after the other and has only highly improbable romances. After overcoming the initial embarrassment of Spotty’s true nature, surprisingly over the weeks, a special challenging relation begins between the two of them.

Original Title | Io e Spotty

Directed by | Cosimo Gomez

Cast | Michela De Rossi, Filippo Scotti, Paola Minaccioni

Screenplay | Cosimo Gomez, Luca Infascelli

Production Mompracem, Rai Cinema
Cinematography | Francesca Amitrano 

Country | Italy

Year  | 2022

Genre | Drama/Romance 

Film run | 96'

Format  Colour

Festivals & Awards |  ​

  • Taormina Film Fest 2022 - Audience Jury Award

  • Festival du Film italien de Villerupt 2022

  • Festival International du Film de Mons - compétition Internationale des 400 coups

  • Los Angeles - Italia 2023: Italian Cinema Today

  • Festival du Cinema Italien de Bastia 2023: Ciné Jeunesse

  • Visuali Italiane - Nuovo Cinema Italiano in Romania 2023

  • Nice Italian Film Festival Ireland 2023

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