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Santa Lucia

75min   |   Italian  |  by Marco Chiappetta


After 40 years of exile in Argentina, Roberto, a blind novelist, comes back to his native city, Naples, for his mother’s death. Along with his brother Lorenzo, a former guitarist, he starts a journey of memory through the city of his youth he can’t see anymore but only feel through the other senses and his imagination, looking for the tragic reason of his departure.

Original Title | Santa Lucia

Directed by | Marco Chiappetta

Cast | Renato Carpentieri, Andrea Renzi, Biancamaria D'Amato, Antonia Marrone, Edoardo Sorgente, Alfredo Ciruzzi, Giuseppe Festinese, Manuel Carolla, Suami Puglia.

Screenplay | Marco Chiappetta

Production | Teatri Uniti, Riverstudio
Cinematography | Antonio Grambone (A.I.C.)

Country | Italy

Year  | 2021

Genre | Drama

Film run | 75'

Format  Colour

Festivals & Awards |  ​

  • Torino Film Festival 2021  - Fuori Concorso

  • Ischia Film Festival 2022

  • Edera Film Festival 2022

  • Best Feature Film Edera Film Festival 2022

  • NICE New italian Cinema Events Festival - USA 2023

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