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80min   |   Arabic  |  by Bassem Breche


Riverbed tells the story of Salma and her returning daughter Thuraya, and their attempt to preserve, maintain and reconstruct their lives with and against each other. Salma survived many years by protecting her independence, she reached her peace through letting go of any attachments. But the past does not let go of Salma and brings back Thuraya, defeated, divorced, and pregnant.

Original Title | Birket El Arous - العروس بركة
English Film Title | Riverbed

Writer / Director | Bassem Breche

Cast | Carole Abboud; Omaya Malaeb

Production The Attic

Co-Production Company Metafora Production
Cinematography | Nadim Saoma

Language | Arabic

Shooting Location | Lebanon

Year  | 2022

Genre | Drama 

Film run | 80'
Festivals & Awards |

  • Cairo International Film Festival

  • Malmo Arab Film Festival 

  • Toronto international Women Film Festival 

  • WRPN Eomen's International Film Festival 

  • Jerusalem Arab Film Festival 

  • Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival 

  • Qumra 

  • Sudan Independent Film Festival

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