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90min   |   Italy  |  by Francesco Carnesecchi 


Sara and her friends organize a hunting trip in an unknown place.
But in the depths of the forest there's something dark, which endangers their lives. Hunters become prey as a mysterious creature unearths a dark past...

Original Title | Resvrgis

Directed by | Francesco Carnesecchi

Cast | Ludovica Martino, Beatrice Fiorentini, Blu Yoshimi, Thomas Santu, Daniele Mariani, Beatrice Modica

Screenplay |  Francesco Carnesecchi

Production Illmatic Film Group

Coproduction Beetle Film, Red Carpet Group
Cinematography | Gianluca Oliva  

Music | Piero Baldini aka Ketama126

Country | Italy

Year  | 2023

Genre | Horror

Film run | 90'

Format  Colour
Festivals & Awards 

  • Rome Film Fest 2023: Alice nella città - Panorama Italia

  • 31e Festival international du film fantastique de Gérardmer

  • 2300 Plan 9 Les Étranges Nuits du Cinéma 2024

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