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Red Shoes

89min   |   Mexico, Italy  |  by Carlos Eichelmann Kaiser 

In Collaboration with | 102 Distribution 


Artemio, an old farmer, lives in a lost town in the Mexican mountains, his life passes slowly and without jumps until he receives a shocking news from the capital. When he decides to set off for the city in search of redemption, he finds himself dealing with a brutal and unknown world. 

Original Title |  Zapatos Rojos

Directed by | Carlos Eichelmann Kaiser

Cast | Eustacio Ascacio, Natalia Solian, Phanie Molina, Jeorgina Tábora

Screenplay | Carlos Eichelmann Kaiser, José Francisco González García, Adriana González

Production | BHD films; 102 Distribution
Country | Mexico; Italy

Year  | 2022

Genre | Drama

Film run | 83'

Format  Colour

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