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110min   |   Mexico  |  by Luis Mandoki  

In Collaboration with | 102 Distribution 

Presencias cornice.png

With the mission of selling an old family property, Victor, a young and famous actor, and his wife Alicia, return to the place where he and his family spent countless memorable times during his childhood; but where happiness was also interrupted abruptly by the death of his younger sister who drowned at the lake.His return to the old family cabin brings back memories of pain and fear stored inside him as strong nightmares begin to haunt him. This journey will lead him to discover that the truth is even more terrifying than his own worst nightmares.

Original Title | Presencias

Directed by | Luis Mandoki

Cast | Alberto Ammann, Yalitza Aparicio

Production Dream Assignment Films

Country | Mexico

Year  | 2022

Genre | Thriller/ Horror

Film run | 110'

Format  Colour


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