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Our Ghosts

105min   |   Italian  |  by Alessandro Capitani 


Valerio and his six-year-old son, Carlo, live in the attic above the apartment they've been evicted from. Every time new tenants arrive, they terrify them by pretending to be ghosts, in the hopes of being able to move back "downstairs".


To Carlo, it's just a game that protects him from their poverty and his motherless condition. It even works, for a while, until Myriam and her daughter Emma arrive, in flight from her abusive husband. And Myriam's not afraid of ghosts…

Original Title | Our Ghosts

Directed by | Alessandro Capitani

Cast | Michele Riondino, Hadas Yaron, Alessandro Haber, Paolo Pierobon, Orlando Fortei

Screenplay | Alessandro Capitani, Francesca Scialanca, Giuditta Avossa

Production | Fenix Entertainment, Rai Cinema
Cinematography | Daniele Ciprì 

Music | Michele Braga

Country | Italy

Year  | 2021

Genre | Comedy/Romance

Film run | 105'

Format  Colour

Festivals & Awards  

  • Italian Comedy Film Festival - Israel 2021

  • Festival do Cinema Italiano no Brasil 2021

  • La Biennale di Venezia 2021: Giornate degli Autori - Venetian Nights

  • Madrid Italian Film Festival 2021 - Best Feature Film

  • Italian Film Festival USA 2021

  • Italian Film Festival of Minneapolis / St. Paul 2022

  • Festival del Cinema Città di Spello 2022 - Best Screenplay; Best Sound Design; Best Sound Editing

  • Sudestival 2022

  • Los Angeles Italia Film Festival 2022 - Enjoy the Italian Comedies

  • N.I.C.E Festival Azerbaigian 2022

  • Italian Serbian Film Festival 2022

  • Shanghai International FIlm Festival 2023

  • Global Village: Focus Italy 2023

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