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Onde Radicali

72min   |   Italian  |  by Gianfranco Pannone


A radio that helped Italy to get free from taboos and prejudices is the protagonist of this documentary. The historical voices of Radio Radicale tell and revive the journalistic and political adventure that started in 1976. From the death of Giorgiana Masi to the Tortora case, from the kidnapping of Judge D'Urso to the killing of the journalist Antonio Russo.
A lot of controversial stories of a country and the ideals of those who wanted to change it.

Original Title | Onde Radicali

Directed by | Gianfranco Pannone

Screenplay | Gianfranco Pannone

Production | Ganesh Produzioni, Movimento FIlm, Aamod
Cinematography | Tarek Ben Abdallah
Music | Cesare Picco

Country | Italy

Year  | 2021

Genre | Documentary

Film run | 72'

Format  Colour & B/N

Festivals & Awards  

  • Festival del Cinema di Roma 2021  - Omaggi

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