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O' Cumpagn Mij

58min   |   Italian  |  by Matteo Dell'Angelo, Camillo Cutolo


A documentary on the story of two Olympic boxing champions Clemente Russo and Domenico "Mirko" Valentino.

Coming both from Marcianise, one of the most difficult areas of Italy.

Original Title | O' Cumpagn Mij

Directed by | Matteo Dell'Angelo, Camillo Cutolo

Cast | Domenico Valentino, Clemente Russo

Production | Palzom Films

Music | Enzo Avitabile, Colle der Fomento, Alessandro di Maio

Country | Spain 

Year  | 2021

Genre | Documentary

Film run | 58'

Format  Colour

Festivals & Awards |

  • Paladino d'Oro - Sport Film Festival 2021  (BEST SOUND MIXING)

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