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Lost Flowers

72min   |   Luxembourg  |  by Fabrizio Maltese

Poster I fiori persi.jpg

March 2020. Fabrizio, a photographer and filmmaker who lives in Luxembourg, returns to his family in central Italy after his father has suffered a heart attack. It’s the beginning of the pandemic, the country is in lockdown. Fabrizio is not aware that one of the toughest trials of his life has just begun and he will be plunged into three months of isolation and hardship. A poignant but essential document about the devastatingly personal consequences of a global scourge.

Original Title | I Fiori Persi

Directed by | Fabrizio Maltese

Cast | Maurizio Maltese, Fabrizio Maltese 

Screenplay | Stephan Roelants, Fabrizio Maltese

Production | Joli Rideau, Melusine Productions
Cinematography | Fabrizio Maltese 

Country | Luxembourg

Year  | 2021

Genre | Documentary, True Story, Drama 

Film run | 72'

Format  Colour

Festivals & Awards |  ​

  • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2021 - Official Selection - Competition

  • Transilvania International Film Festival 2021 - Official Selection

  • Morelia International Film Festival 2021 - Official Selection

  • Luxembourg City Film Festival 2022 - Official Selection - Documentary Competition 

  • Cinemania 2022

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