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Dope Boys Alphabet

97min   |   Italian  |  by Marco Proserpio


Documentary about the Italian rapper Noyz Narcos and his career. 

Featuring interviews with the artist as well as his frequent collaborators, other musicians and his crew who followed him throughout the years.


Divided by chapters, it follows the most meaningful moments of Noyz Narcos' history and legacy from the humble beginnings in early 2000s to nowadays' wide-spread popularity.

Original Title | Dope Boys Alphabet

Directed by | Marco Proserpio

Cast | Andrea Ambrogio, Piero Baldini, Andrea Benassati, Ciro Buccolieri, Stefano Casanica, Gabriele Clemente, Alfonso Climenti, Andrea Corona, Benetti Dc, Marco De Pascale, Corrado Ferrarese, Cosimo Fini, Emanuele Frasca, Luca Imprudente, Alessandro Maida, Loris Malaguti, Teddy Manganelli, Manuel Mastrostefano, Luca Pace, Alessandro Pasquarelli, Maurizio Pisciottu, Riccardo Puggioni, Fabio Bartolo Rizzo, Claude Sabbah, Armando Sciotto, Matteo Swaitz, Fabrizio Tarducci, Daniele Varone, Jari Ivan Vella, Manuel Voghera, Greg Willen, Kimo Yano

Cinematography | Gianluca Oliva

Music | Matteo Pansana

Country | Italy

Year  | 2021

Genre | Documentary

Film run | 97'

Format  Colour

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