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30min   |   Italian  |  by Marco Iermanò  


A young filmmaker is invited in a school in the roman suburbs…
A deep and intense analysis against violence on women, racism and intolerance, through the young students’ point of view.

Original Title | Documento

Directed by | Marco Iermanò

Cast | Marco Iermanò, Alessandro Carbonara, Jessica Piccolo Valerani, Annamaria Stecchiotti

Screenplay Marco Iermanò

Cinematography | Marco Ranieri

Music | Claudio Cotugno, Agnese Antonelli

Country | Italy

Year  | 2021

Genre | Documentary

Film run | 30'

Format  Colour

Festivals & Awards |

  • Giffoni Film Festival 2021: Special event GEX DOC

  • Tulipani di Seta Nera 2022 /TSN: Doumentaries

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