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Dawn Chorus

82min   |   Italian  |  by Alessio Pizzicannella  


Right at the end of their sabbatical year backpacking around the world, just as they are about to write "the end" on their journals, four backpackers find themselves adding an unexpected stop to their journey among palm trees and snow-capped alpine peaks, on an unlikely tropical island in the middle of a Swiss lake.

Original Title | Dawn Chorus

Directed by | Alessio Pizzicannella

Cast | Miles Mitchell, Annabelle Belmondo, Colicia Summers, Billy Brayshaw

Production Venus & Beyond Multimedia, RSI, Jasa Productions, Los Hermanos, Nightswim, Jumyam, Central Productions

Cinematography | Marko Brdar

Music | Guido Zen

Country | Switzerland / Italy

Year  | 2022

Genre | Drama, Coming of Age

Film run | 82'

Format  Colour

Festivals & Awards | 

  • Ferrara Film Festival 2022

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