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Come un Padre

78min   |   Italian  |  by Alessio Di Cosimo 
In Collaboration with | 102 Distribution

Come un padre Cornice.png

Come un Padre is the incredible story of a man, Carletto Mazzone, one of the greatest Italian football coaches of all time. The documentary narrates his entire career and the various stages of his life through extraordinary interviews of family and former footballers he coached, from Francesco Totti, Roberto Baggio to Josep Guardiola, Marco Materazzi, Andrea Pirlo and many others. All of this shows what a wonderful and human person was Mazzone and through the storytelling it comes out how greatly appreciated he was and the impact he had on the life and career of many footballers he worked with. A story that has never been told that makes you relive the golden times of the Italian Football, a “ Romantic Football” that no longer exists.

Original Title | Come un Padre

Directed by | Alessio Di Cosimo

Cast | Carlo Mazzone, Francesco Totti, Andrea Pirlo, Pep Guardiola, Roberto Baggio, Marco Materazzi, Giuseppe Signori, Claudio Ranieri,  

Screenplay | Alessio Di Cosimo

Production | 102 Distribution, Well Enough, CD Cine Dubbing, Prime Video

Country | Italy

Year  | 2022

Genre | Biopic

Film run | 78'

Format  Colour

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